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GreenFarmsUchlopakow INC | Uchlopakow On line Shop

 U  Chlopakow.


European Grocery, Polish Food 


COVIN-19 Pandemia  

According to World Health Organization Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommendation and European Travel restrictions until the future notice our Store are operating on limited stock capacity, and shipping delays including shipping cancellations.  

We are to reserve rights to partially cancel the order in case of out of stock and short “best before date” merchandises.

Customers will be informed via e-mail about any order changes and have rights to cancel partially or in full orders. Refund will be issued after recipient acknowledged via e-mail the term and items on the ordering process.

-   ABOUT US  -

About Green Farms U Chlopakow INC. Inc.

Since 2018,  Green Farms U Chlopakow INC. becoming the online retailer for Polish food and other Eastern European products. Green Farms U Chlopakow INC   will ship your favorite food year round, nationwide. GreenFarmsUChlopakow INC.  offers a wide variety of authentic products  to memorize and build on those traditions and the flavors you remember.

Regardless of your ethnic background, those who grew up in or near traditional Eastern European neighborhoods often recall the aroma of freshly baked rye bread coming from Polish NY bakeries, smoked, garlicky scent kielbasa  from polish butchery shops wafting to be eaten immediately . Although with home made pierogi (dumplings) remember by young generation from mother and grandmother kitchen.

There is an easy way to relive your wonderful memories, by having all these great tasting foods delivered right to your door. The best foods from Poland can now be delivered from GREENPOINT to your doorstep. 

We invite you to try our products for yourself or send a thoughtful package to a special someone. We are confident that you will be delighted with your experience and enjoy the products that we love so much.


Smacznego! Enjoy our products !